April 22, 2017

Our Story

Our Story:

Our Story >> Being established in 1950 DESHPANDE OPTICIAN are honour of being the oldest and the most trusted optician.You will get the best eye care experience.

Physical Store:

The 1st Physical Store in Nashik was started in 1950 at 1st floor Main Road. Deshpande Optician always offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price. In the early days when there was no technology in Maharashtra and people faced eye problems, there was no easy way out to get a spectacle or an eye check up. After starting a physical store in 1950, people from all over Maharashtra started visiting Deshpande Optician in Nashik. Within few years, we resolved eye problems by guiding people from all over Maharashtra. Initially only starting with Spectacles, slowly we started with Contact lenses and sunglasses.

By the time we completed 50 Years in Optician business we had started selling all types of branded Spectacles and Sunglasses.

Brands like RayBan, Oakley, Fastrack, Vogue etc found a great market and with the increasing demand of people we started with Spectacles and Sunglasses of these brands.

Contact lenses were initially founded as a difficult thing to wear, but with proper training of how to wear a contact lens and how to keep them clean people in early 1990’s started using contact lenses on regular basis.

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Our Story

Our Story Deshpande Optician

Being established in 1950 FIRST LENS are honer of being the oldest and the most trusted optician. You will get the best eye care experience.


Online Store:

With the increase in technology, Online Shopping, and door step service was required which led to the beginning of an online store. Deshpande Optician started with an online store in 2014 and had a good response from customers as products were been delivered to their door step.

Our Values:

  • Quality, above everything else.
  • Ensure quality of experience, every time & everywhere.
  • Customer care in the true sense. That’s why, transparency from order placement to delivery.

We are having all branded contact lenses products in our online store.

Our vision is to ensure that you get a better and clearer vision.

Contact Us –

Phone No – 7972189194

For any information/suggestions send a message from the contact form available on the home page.